Sunday, 24 November 2013

Project 2: B-ball onesie

Happy Monday party people. Its the start of a new week and the the start of project 2!
We're taking it to the streets this week, with the "B-ball Onesie". 
Im super excited about this project as its been languishing in sketch form for a million years. Poor little thing... 
Now. According to Youtube, sewing with knits is EASY! You better not be lying Youtube!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

hooray for pants!

Just put the finishing touches on my photos, and project 1 is officially done and dusted!  I think I will mark this as a success. 
One thing I didn't count on, is Mr S.p's inability to pose for pictures. I copped a few strange looks from people watching me run after this child with a camera begging him for one more photo, like a creepy paparazzo.. Oh well, we had fun..
SO! Here The beach-bum pants, and Mr small pants in person!

I started off with a basic girls harem pants from burda, and 
to put it mildy, I took the pattern to the "chop shop". A seam here,
a pocket there, and we had a brand spanking new pattern!

I used this gorgeous woven cotton from India instead of the
recommended knit because I like to live on the edge
(and I was working with a size 4, so i figured we had
 enough room to move).

I have a whole bunch of these guys in my craft kit, left over
from my brief excursion into jewellry making (very brief), 
so I put them to work as the draw-string dangle doodles.

My pattern making skills are a bit crummy, 
so I did a test sew using a pair of uncle Z's old batik pants
that had a big tear in the bum (thank you unc Z). I even 
salvaged the drawstring. Less work = more happy.

Aaaand finally, because good things come in 3's, I made these little
gems out of a four pack of bandannas. I actually love the crap out 
of these. 
All in all I think they turned out pretty cutsey, and I'm totally 
pumped for project 2!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

project 1: "the beach bum pants"

Since the blog is called Small pants, I figured I better start off with some small pants. 
So without further adieu, here is project one! wish me luck (i'm gonna need it!)

Cute right!? Its summer over here in Australia, and I have this 
beautiful light-weight cotton chevron, perfect for some beachy
harem-ish pants. Stay tuned for the end results!

The Small Pants challenge

Hello! Welcome to my sparkly new blog!
I suppose your all wondering what i'm doing here.
Well. Once upon a time, there was a young girl, who loved fashion.....
Yes, i love all things fashion and textiles. In fact, many centuries ago, i did study to be a designer. Since then i have sewn approximately 3 things! Oh dear...
Thats not where the story ends though, the exciting part happened 2 years ago, when i had a gorgeous little fella (Mr small pants). It was then, that i discovered the desert that is boys clothing. I don't know who made the rules on colour and style, but i'm ready to break them! 
So heres the challenge: Take my sketches, (I have 2 years worth) and turn them into a wardrobe for Mr S.p. 
I'm not a sewer, and I'm not a pattern maker, but i am determined! 
I invite you to come along on my little adventure. I hope you enjoy....